The Plot

After putting my name down for a plot a couple of months earlier, I got phone call from the allotments secretary to say a full plot had become available and would I be interested in taking it?

To be honest I hadn’t realised I could have just taken on a half plot, but apparently they were more in demand anyway.

The plot itself was pretty big and hadn’t been worked for a few months so was starting to get a bit overgrown, though I was told I could have it until April for free as it was paid up until then anyway, to compensate for it not being in great condition. Though I think it’s quite typical when taking on a plot that it will be in a bit of a state.

Also because it’s a Joseph Rowntree site, the rents are kept very low, about £27 a year including water. These are some photos of the site when I first took it on..

The view from the road, those are Raspberry Canes in the middle!

ooking up the plot towards the Shed.

My lovely shed! With door, which I assume belongs to my new neighbour.

20141012_180349Looking up the plot from the shed, with my new neighbours slightly more tidy plot on the left.

20141012_175621The good news is the plot has some raised beds, though they have gone to seed a bit..



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