Been a bit ill lately with some cold / flu thing.. Felt a bit better, so I thought I’d pop down to the plot to check on my Broad Beans, only to discover this!20150221_100807That’s right dear readers.. someone had dug over the Bean bed!!!

So it looks like my Beans maybe arn’t going to germinate now 😦

Not that Les’s (which went in at exactly the same time) have been doing much better..
Les’s Beans

Then I noticed a pile of smouldering ashes where the big pile of wood (which I was going to burn anyway) was..

Which seemed very odd. I assumed it might have been Beth whose been helping me, though it seemed strange she would go ahead without me, so I rang her and she said it wasn’t her, so who was it then?..

I rang the secretary who had no idea either, agreed it was strange but confirmed the plot was still mine. It might have been whoever it was who had had the plot before who for whatever reason didn’t get the eviction notices?

I’d rather keep out of it though as I’d done a bit of work to it already, and it seems odd that whoever it was didn’t seem to have noticed. Or seemed concerned the the shed door was now locked, and that the window had been replaced?

So I’ve now put some signs up so hopefully if they come back, they can take it up with the committee!

20150221_100735 20150221_100952

4 thoughts on “PLOTGATE!!!

  1. Aww what a shame… my husband just told me about this he was speaking to you earlier. Hopefully the signs will do the trick… it looked like a real mess when you got it… just shout if you are ever going away and need help with watering… Carrie & Ian, Plot 109


  2. Hi Carrie, thankyou for your message and offer of support. It was good to meet Ian who gave me some helpful suggestions, I was excited to learn I might also have Redcurrants!

    Am hoping to get stuck in when the weather picks up, but as you can see from my blog I’m still a bit new to all this, but excited to get going!


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