More Rhubarb!

20150324_165435So I was chatting with Les about my Rhubarb and he said he had moved his and it was fine, so I asked if I could borrow a bit to replant and see how it got on.

Had quite a productive day today, I also brought down an old bin which I filled with water, so I don’t have to keep filling cans from the tap which would be a carry on. I now need to install some drainpipe for the run off.20150324_165512I also cleared a space for one of my composters which I found in our neighbours garden (she said I could have it.)

20150324_165428I also moved my bean plant and found some white tiles which are ideal to write on with permanent pen.

20150324_152335I also moved some existing plants to put in containers, including Lavender, Chives and a rogue Rasp or Loganberry (depending what it is)


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