20150327_132035Ok, so I went and bought more Broad Beans from the Garden Centre (Formula 1)..

But only because someone had dug up the initial ones I planted.. Here they are watered in the raised bed which I suppose should be repaired..

I also installed the composter which was in our yard when we moved in. 20150326_165839This is at the top of the plot so nearer the road and will have newer compost in it. This is the view with the rest of the plot in the background.20150326_165855
I also decided to bring down a ‘mini greenhouse’ which I had bought last year on offer in Wilko’s for about £5, so I can also try get crops started on site as well.20150327_134308

I also inherited some seeds from the previous occupier, so I decided to try planting some cauliflower seeds to see what would happen? They expired in 2012 on the packet, but I’m not sure how much seeds go off anyway, so thought I’d plant some anyway to see if anything happens..

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