April / ‘No Digging’

Did a bit of strimming to tidy up the top today, looks a lot better, it’s also funny how grass just ‘grows’, like hair.

I also noticed how Les (my neighbour to my left) has moved some of his Raspberry Canes so they extend further into his plot as his were starting to get a bit crowded out. That would be another option and would also take up some of that space, though I might see how his get on first? I also learned they only have a life-span of about 5 years 😦

Stupid fruit!

Les and his Raspberry Canes

I also met my other neighbour beyond my neighbours on the right, who seems to be the plots pioneer of ‘no dig’ gardening.. In other words, building up piles of organic matter and growing things in that instead. I showed her my dried out strimmed Couch Grass and she was appalled at the idea of burning it all. So what I am going to try (with her assitance) is to try and grow veg in it. So I’ve piled it up next to a composter and the next stage is to add earth on top of it (which I’ll probably obtain via digging..) to act as a mulch (since it’s dead, it shouldn’t regrow) and she suggested some grass cuttings as well. Then it should be perfect for growing courgettes / squash in 🙂20150418_171019
I think I understand this concept.. here is a link to more info about ‘no dig’, which also confirms squash or courgettes would be ideal to grow.


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