Plot update: Mid May

20150520_201158Well my beans seem to be coming up!

In anticipation of planting out further crops, I decided to weed the existing raised beds a bit more, and then cover them with some proper ground cover with allows water through, but blocks all light, so halts the growth of any plants. 20150510_150752 (1)

This is from the other angle
20150510_150657 (1)

I then decided to make start on doing some proper digging.. so started digging out the bed in the background of the above picture which had Potatoes in last year

This was about 2 thirds of it, I then put more ground cover down as I’ve learned how quickly weeds grow in bare earth..

For example, this was a patch I discovered and weeded at the top where I decided to plany out some sweet peas
Unfortunately, it was impossible to distinguish the Sweet Pea seedlings from the other plants / weeds, leading to this mess..

On the subject of things going to seed, turns out if you leave purple sprouting Broccoli, it grows yellow flowers
20150510_150832 (1)

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