“Greaves Market Garden” and planted out Beetroots

20150525_142317Now that we are (probably) past the last frosts, I thought I’d start planting out some of crops I’ve been growing (from seed) in the Greenhouse..

These include..

Tomatos & Marigolds (for hanging Baskets)
Beetroot & Rainbow Chard (for Roots bed)
Romanesco Cauliflower & Purple Sprouting Broccoli (for Brassica bed)
Sweet Peas (not sure yet)
And also Aubergine, Dark Basil and Inca Berries (which don’t seem to to have done much yet, despite being planted in late Feb, so might put them in bigger pots to see if that makes any difference, and maybe also start feeding them.)

20150525_161004So I planted out so of the larger Beets (to go with the 9 I’d bought from the Garden Centre, but didn’t put in the ground when I should have done because I broke my collarbone.)

Decided 30 plants might be enough to be going on with for the time being.. Might also grow some in containers to see what happens, and maybe just eat the leaves of the others as a ‘micro salad’. In hindsight maybe I should have done some ‘successional planting’ though different plants seems to grow better than others anyway and I didn’t really thin a lot out.

I was hoping to do some more strimming yesterday morning to keep the grass down but I can only use the site strimmer when the shops open and yesterday the grass was too wet, then maybe put some kind of ground cover around the edge of the beds to stop the grass infiltrating too much.

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