New beds

Productive day today..

First of all finally got my Gladioli in (not that there is a lot to see yet..)20150620_175437

Then decided to remove the ground cover from the old potato bed and try and sort it out for the rest of my veg.. Mainly the Purple Sprouting Broccoli which desperately needs to be planted out. Also still got some more Sweetcorn and Sweet Peas20150620_175321

Was quite good as well, as in the process I realised I could make another “no dig” bed from the pile of earth I’d originally made which would be ideal for the rest of my tomato plants, sweetcorn and marigolds ( I know you arn’t supposed to plant the same crops in the same bed, but it’s probably OK for one season). I also realised I could use the cheap Brassica fertiliser I bought to prepare the Broccoli bed. I then also used the rest of the ground cover I’d freed up to cover the grass surrounding the plot. In fact I seem to mainly be using ground cover or carpet to separate the beds, I assume this will be a temporary thing..20150620_175426

I also had a chat with “Norfolk George” (He’s called George and he’s from Norwich) because Derek had said he was digging out his Rhubarb, which he agreed he was adding “I can’t stand the bleeding stuff”. So after he dug out a big crown, I cut it and half and shared with James next door and thought I’d put it in next to the last plant I put in which seems to be doing well.20150620_160544

Also put some straw down around my Strawberries20150620_175146

I also hoed around the Broad Beans the other day, gave them some Seaweed feed as they are starting to fruit (even though they are a vegetable) and tied them up to give them some support (which is more than Les next door has done..) 20150620_175332

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