July update

20150716_164513Haven’t been down much recently, seem to either have been too busy, or it’s been too hot, or too wet. Managed to get down today for a few hours to try and get things back into shape. Have planted some Toms, Marigolds, Chilli’s, Sweetcorn, Squash and a Pumpkin! Into a new “bed” which I made from earth from the bed next to it which I piled up on the grass, so again this is a bit of an experiment.

Les gave me some plastic tubing which I’ve used to net the Cauli’s and Broccoli
(though taken it off the Cauli’s now)


Also planted some Runner Beans in with the Courgette/Squash and Sweetcorn, as the Incas did with their “Three Sisters” style of companion planting in the no dig bed. Which both the Courgette and Squash are really taking off in!

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