August Week 4 update

YES!!! The head of one of my Romanesco Cauliflower’s is forming 🙂 #CauliflowerWin20150822_153432

They are starting to pick up now.. Got a lot of Cabbage White Butterfly, but apparently they avoid the edible bit..20150822_153422

And here’s the Purple Sprouting Broccoli next to another companion bed.  20150822_153506

Although I did find one of Broccoli had collapsed and Richard, one of my neighbours suggested I might have “Clubroot”, which I checked online and it said not to grow Brassica’s in the same plot for 10 years!

Though Richard also said because the land had been cultivated for so long, it had “all the diseases” anyway so not to worry too much about it, and just add lots of lime to the soil before growing Brassica’s next time. Though next year I might grow something else there, probably a root crop.20150822_160644

My Pumpkin’s coming along nicely! Though I need to hoe around it a bit 20150822_153546

Not sure what this is, think it’s another variety of Squash..20150822_153529

Also starting to get quite a few tomatoes in this bed.20150822_162619

This is the other companion bed with Squash/Courgettes, Sweetcorn, Carpet Plants (which form a “carpet” like mat on the floor) and Runner Beans20150822_153629

The Squash in these beds are coming along as well, in fact they might even be ready?20150822_153652

The Sweetcorn is also growing well.20150822_153722

This “cob” is forming20150822_153740

The Runner Beans are also doing well20150822_153704

And still getting lot’s of Courgettes coming through  20150822_153814

Also planted out some Giant Winter Spinach today (22nd August)
so will see how that goes..20150822_160625

And here’s the plot currently from the top.20150822_153620

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