September, an exciting month.

September is always an exciting month on an allotment, and an exciting thing that happened is another of my Cauliflowers is growing a head!20150905_165911

This is particularly exciting, as it was planted from a packet of seeds which I found in the shed which was out of date! So it just goes to show that sometimes out of date seeds can still germinate! (none of the others did). Exciting times.20150905_185805My Winter Squash continues to get bigger as well, this is it compared to a brick, big isn’t it!

20150905_170155My Pumpkin is turning more Orange, it’s not very big though, frankly it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Still not having much luck with direct sowing, this is the Green Manure “Phacelia” which I planted because it has attractive blue flowers, if they ever actually grow..

20150905_170249This is what the Phacelia looks like close up. The problem is, all the other crap grows as well making it difficult to hoe the other weeds without damaging it, so I haven’t bothered. I’ve also planted some Red Clover, but haven’t bothered photographing that bed as it’s equally dull.

All in all looks much the same as last month, except the Winter Squash in the bottom left corner has got a bit bigger. I’ve also been harvesting Runner Beans, Courgettes, Japanese Squash and my neighbours Raspberries. Haven’t photographed any of that though. The Courgette is nice grated and cooked with garlic, chilli and lemon zest and served with Spaghetti and Parmesan. I’ve been eating that a lot lately.

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