December Update

Things are starting to die back now.. So a good opportunity to try do a bit of digging/tidying/organising before the ground gets too cold. Although I seem to have been ill off and on with a sore throat/cough/flu thing since October, so haven’t had the chance to do as much as I’d like to. But I did a bit of tidying up so hopefully it looks like a plot where someone knows what they are doing..


I have a little flower garden at the front now with Wallflowers, Foxgloves and Crocuses just getting ready for the Spring, as well as some perennial shrubs. Am also planning on moving some of the Summer Fruiting Raspberries as they are getting a bit crowded and competing with the couch grass, which needs to be destroyed.20151219_112105

Also tidied up a bit what remains of my Brassicas..20151219_113803Pleased to see my Purple Sprouting Brocolli is finally starting to grow, particularly since all my Brassicas also have Club Root..

Fortunately I think I’ve got away with it, since I grew mine in pots, which meant that by the time I potted them the root structure was strongly established enough. Richard said it was all over the plot anyway, but it’s still possible to grow Brassicas in infected soil with some helpful advice which I’ll try and follow next year here when I grow Kale and Sprouts.20151219_114257
(horrible nasty Club Root)

20151219_114429 I also staked up the remaining plants. It’s been quite windy lately so with the club root they’ve been getting it from both ends recently!

20151219_114442 Staked Brassicas (With the new Butterfly shrubbery in the background!)

20151219_125057 We’ve also had unseasonably mild weather and this month is on course to become the warmest December for more than 100 years. I also planted some Garlic last month, which seems to be coming up now, though my understanding was Garlic needed 30 days of unbroken frost?.. I only filled half the bed, so could always put more in later.



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