Netting Purple Sprouting Broccoli


So after first planting my Purple Sprouting Broccoli last may, it’s finally ready to harvest!

Or it would be, if the Pigeons didn’t keep nibbling it..


Was a lovely day today. In fact today and yesterday so far have probably been the nicest days of the year so far!

Unfortunately I was working in town. But I managed to get a little bit of work done before I started. I worked the soil around the plants and then added some Chicken Manure Pellets and watered them in to give them a nitrogen boost. Then I stuck some netting over the PSB.

20160313_110602Try getting through that netting Pigeons!

Then the plot shop was open, so I bought some Potatoes (Swift First Early).20160313_104116There was about a Kilo left in the bag, so I just took the lot and the bag for £1!


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