April – Szechuan Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Very odd weather at the minute, one minutes it’s sunny, then 5 minutes later we have hailstorms.. Decided to spend some time on the plot anyway to try and catch up a bit,
and I have my shed to take refuge in if it’s too unpleasant to do anything.

My Purple Sprouting Broccoli still seems to be doing well. 20160416_15293720160416_170908

Also my Broad Beans are still growing..

I planted some Peas at the same time as my Broad Beans but they didn’t grow. So I bought some from the Garden Centre and decided to plant some out today. Might be a bit ambitious, but worth a try for £3.99. I don’t really have any proper Pea sticks yet, but thought I could try last years Raspberry Canes, initially anyway. I planted the peas next to the Garlic and added a bit of compost. I also directly sowed some peas in the remaining patch for successive harvesting.20160416_170758


Then I picked some Broccoli which I trimmed and rinsed.20160416_181616

Before Steaming and Stir Frying it Szechuan style, served with Cauliflower Cous Cous.20160416_183650


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