May – Strawberries

It’s May! And I’m massively behind with everything!

Though as John Harrison wrote in his latest online newsletter;

“I don’t think we could have had a worse April for gardening than last. A cold April is one thing and a warm April is brilliant but this one kept changing. One day hot, the next we’d got hail and snow. Poor confused plants!”

So I’m not the only one and it’s now just a question of getting on with what I can when I can. One job I’d been meaning to do was to try and tidy up and replenish my Strawberry Patch which I did today putting in 6 new plants, mixed in with some manure.

Strawberries are awesome, especially frozen and blended with yogurt like this!


The weather has been awful though, tonight being one of the first evenings pleasant enough to spend any time there.

20160505_195041So this is my plot as of tonight.. Broad Beans in the foreground are doing well. Purple Sprouting Broccoli beyond were very good this year, but starting to bolt now. New Rhubarb beyond is pretty impressive (though I was told not to pick any the first year) and I’ve just put my first early potatos in beyond them (was being vigilant about frost..).

My peas don’t seem to be doing so well, maybe it was ambitious getting them in so early? The Garlic beyond seems to be doing well

Still got quite a few more beds to prepare and dig, and the whole site could benefit from a general tidy up, but we are getting there..

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