June 2016

Actually drafted this a couple of weeks ago and things have caught up a bit since, but haven’t had the chance to post this yet.

Weathers still been a bit rubbish/irregular. We had weeks of rain, followed by a mini 4 day heatwave / drought, followed by rain again. But I’m vaguely on track compared to last year..

Dug over another bed and got some Sweetcorn in and also put in Butternut Squash and Courgette plants, again trying the “Three Sisters” method. 20160604_175414Bought a cheap arch from Wilko, so am going to try train the Butternut Squash up it. Have also put in some Sweet Peas, which haven’t really done much yet..

Since I took this pic, also got some beans Borlotti Beans in, which are doing well.20160605_192756

Also gave my Potatoes a water after earthing them up. They should be ready soon, they are first early swift, which should be ready 7 weeks from planting.20160604_175103

Also got some Kale in and put in some Nasturtiums as a companion.20160604_175054

Also managed to get some (Boltardy) Beetroots in20160605_210015

My flower bed at the top in front of the Raspberry Canes (which need to be thinned out, maybe next year…) is doing well.

Started off the Foxgloves and Wallflowers from seed last year, so should probably get some more going for next year, though apparently they can self seed as well. Also got some other random things in.20160604_175457

Also got some decent Squash Plants coming up in the Greenhouse as well, including some Uchiki Kuri (with last years seeds), Courgettes, Butternut Squash, Winter Squash Crown Prince, Patty Pan Squash, and New England Pumpkin!

As well as more Sweetcorn, which apparently needs to be planted 8 meters away from a different variety so will try get that in the other end. Along with more Brassicas, which I feel a bit behind with, but at least have started growing.20160606_225951

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