Late June

Still random weather, but things are starting to pick up a bit and got a few more things in including some some Kohlrabi20160625_172022

Also got some more sweetcorn (not a lot of hope for this..) And Squashes including more Uchiki Kari, Butternut, Patty Pan and Winter Crown Prince. I also got some well rotted manure off Carol, so planted it in some of that to see if that would make much difference…20160625_172027

Garlic seems to be doing well and put in a few more peas, some I grew and some from the Garden Centre. This is my third attempt at peas this year.. Hopefully they might take, though where I plant them seems very exposed and windy. It might be an idea to try create some kind of “windbreak”, possibly with the Raspberry Canes which I’d like to move some of next year.20160625_172040

Some Beetroot Boltardy which is starting to pick up, also got some Detroit Globe to get in which is more prone to bolting, but supposedly more flavoursome.20160625_172050

This is my new perennial shrubbery which I’m not sure I’ve photographed yet, with a range of things including Buddleia, Lavender, Hollyhocks, Hebe etc. Also planted an additional row of Rainbow Beetroot along the front. This was in what was last years “no dig” bed where I buried the old grass I’d strimmed along with earth and grass cuttings.20160625_172059

Globe artichokes, Marigolds, Sunflowers (which are taking their time) and a Teasel (which I might move, again). I also have some Sprouts to put in, so could maybe put 3 in the front and move the teasel somewhere.20160625_172124

Starting to dig over a few more beds and found the remains of an old burnt shed.. This is looking up with a Giant Pumpkin in the foreground which Carol gave me. She was waiting to stick it in her pile of manure but it hadn’t arrived and she was going on holiday so she gave it to me.20160623_195043

Kale and Nasturtiums looking ok, Nasturtiums especially add some colour and create the impression I know what I’m doing. Probably needs more weeding this bed, might make more effort to somehow organically remove grass etc before next years plantings. This bed will probably have root cops to follow the Brassicas.20160625_17203220160622_202342

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