August 2016

20160815_111619Everything’s getting going now.. Mainly on top of the bit at the top, but had a few days where I couldn’t get down, so a few weeds are starting to take over. Starting to look forwards to October / November and really digging over and preparing the rest of the site properly for next year

20160815_120137Got my first Borlotti Beans! Very pleased with how easy these grew this year

20160815_111630Mixture of Sprouts, Marigolds, Sunflowers and Globe Artichoke. The Artichokes are doing well and already forming globes even though SOMEONE told me it takes 3 years before they form them..

20160815_111647Sprouts doing well, these were planted in manure.

20160815_111535Also picked up a second hand water butt from the plot shop, only £5!

20160815_111600Carrots seem to be doing well, though the ones I’ve actually picked are still very thin..

Perennial Shrubbery doing well. The Buddleja has really grown already and is attracting lots of Butterflies.

20160815_111731Sunflower with Perovskia “Blue Spire”

20160815_112042More Sprouts, Squashes & Sweetcorn

20160817_163740Just discovered a Butternut Squash forming as well!

20160802_174217Got lots of nice Sunflowers this year, though I didn’t really put long enough stakes in for some of them, and when I tried to restake them, the ground was too hard to for the poles!

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