September 2016 pt.2

A few more updates from this month. This is the flowerbed at the top.
My current plan is maybe to thin out the Raspberry Canes a bit instead of moving them.20160923_105716

Sunflower “Magic Roundabout F1” & Sprouts20160923_105731

Some more views20160923_105747 20160923_105757

Planted some more Kale to overwinter where the Broad Beans were20160923_105810

Also planted some Spring Green Cabbage


Nice arrangement of Squashes/Cucurbits including New England Pumpkin, Winter Crown Prince Squash, Uchiki Kuri Squash, Patty Pan Summer Squashes and Ball Courgettescreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-22-53-48

Also made a start digging out the Brambles & Fence up towards the shed20160924_180319 20160924_180340

4 bags of manure from the local stables to try make a “no dig” bed, 50p a bag!20160924_180942

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