Autumn 2016 plan / no dig beds


Updated my plan for the next few months. Again I have various options.. Though I think the main 2 things I want to consider are making some no dig beds and also where could be a good site for growing a cut flower bed and maybe adding fruit trees now that I know how to plant them after attending a session at St Nicks Environment Centre.

St Nicks also recently presented a workshop at Greenfields School and Community Garden on No Dig gardening which was very instructive. I understand the principles but I always like to see these things done in practise and I could ask questions as well, such as the best types of compost / manure and where to get it from as I potentially have large areas to cover.

Of course the real pioneer of No Dig is Charles Dowding whose website has lots of helpful resources. But it’s also reassuring to know there are other gardeners in York familiar with his methods, which seem quite progressive in contrast to the way a lot of other people on our site work.

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