November / December 2016

Not updated for a while as this time of year isn’t so conducive to gardening but I feel reasonably on track. Sprouts are doing well in the foreground and glad I get some in this year, hopefully they will be ready in time for Christmas Dinner!

Also got some White and Purple Sprouting Broccoli coming up which should be ready for an early harvest next year (my neighbour Les’s Calabrese is starting to flower which he said has never happened in December before). Also got Spring Cabbage and Kale in.


Planted some winter tares green manure in this bed to prepare for Potatoes, also mulched my Rhubarb and had a go at a No Dig bed with cardboard and manure. Also planted some bulbs for the Spring and and early Sowing of Broad Beans.20161127_152418

Quite pleased with how this Globe Artichoke has been getting on, I’ve mulched it with some compost so hopefully it will get through the winter.20161127_130850

The new No-Dig bed.20161127_152156

Also started clearing out this bit which was covered up with carpet. If we get any nice days, this time of year can be good to get digging the earth before leaving it to freeze which helps it break down.20161127_152359

View from the shed. Have moved the carpet to cover where the Brambles were, so hopefully next season I should have a good 2 thirds of the plot cultivated!20161127_130817

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