April 2017

Got a new phone, and a £5 mini camera phone lens kit from Wilkos, and Tulips.

Not done a lot of updates recently as there tends not be a lot worth documenting until March / April, and I’m also a bit behind again..

Weeded my pollinator border and added some woodchip as a mulch. Good to see my Hollyhock, Eryngiums, Perovskia and the other one I got from Homebase becoming established.

Also bought some Potatoes from the plot shop, this is the equipment they use to measure them out.

Spring Cabbages, not doing too well and full of slugs, might not bother with these in future.

Grew an excellent couple of Romanesco Cauliflowers though!

Which made a nice bowl of ‘Three Broccoli Tagliatelle’ with Purple and White Sprouting Broccoli.

Last years Globe Artichoke establishing itself well and have prepared the bed in front to grow Brassicas.

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