Photograph Sarah Bennetto

Hello, I’m Al and in 2014 I took on an Allotment in York.

I like gardening and cooking vegetarian food, which is just as well really.

This blog is as much for my own reference and to document my progress, which is why it isn’t massively interesting. If you want something interesting to do, why not purchase a ticket for an upcoming Burning Duck Comedy Club Show!


How big is your plot?
240 square meters (2600 square feet).

Wow, that’s big!
I know.

Couldn’t you have just taken on a half plot?
There was a waiting list for half plots, but one full plot was available.

What are you going to grow?

How long have you had your plot?
Since October 2014.

Do you grow organically?
Yes. Which is why it’s always a bit of a mess

Do you have a shed?
I have two sheds (one on a rental basis)

What’s your favourite tool?
My Swoe Hoe

Congratulations on being awarded Champion Dad Of The Year!
I didn’t win, there was a terrible mix up.


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