2020 in review..

Hello! It’s been a while since my last update, and since then we’ve had 124,000 unnecessary deaths because Boris Johnson is an arsehole.

Also my allotment related news is I’ve surrendered half of my plot because the Plot Secretary kept hassling me that I wasn’t keeping on top of it, which I was, but I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

We have a new secretary now anyway. I’ve not met them yet but apparently he keeps Bees 🐝🐝

Here’s some photos!

MARCH 2021

I’ve never been a huge fan of burning organic matter, but I’ve accumulated so much of it it’s just the easiest way to clear it and keep the plot looking tidy.

The rest of the photos will be chronological working back to today, I just picked this one first as it was the most eyecatching.


A crabapple tree which was donated to me by my European allotment neighbour who had decided to leave the UK after Brexit.

It’s now dead because the bloke who has taken on the bottom half of my plot chopped it down.

MARCH 2020

Blossom from yellow plum tree (or whatever the fuck fruit it is?)

I gave this tree a prune by removing branches I decided it didn’t need because someone said I should and it didn’t produce any of it’s stupid small yellow fruit anyway.

April 2020 Free Potatoes

I was a bit worried I’d missed the chance to get potatoes this year, so was nice to find someone had just left some out for people to help themselves

MAY 2020

Classic gratuitous Globe Artichoke shot

MAY 2020

So this is the top half of what was the entire plot after starting to clear things out.

Since taking on the plot I’d been focussing on the bottom half and not really had time to get on top of this as well. Particular since I’d spent so much time campaigning for The Labour Party, only to discover allegations that Anti-Corbyn Labour officials worked to lose general election to oust Jeremy Corbyn.

Then not only that, but the party decided to delay releasing the enquiry into these allegations, which Black Mp’s suggested meant the party is not serious on racism. Imagine devoting years of life to such a duplicitous organisation.

The Flamingo was a few quid from B&M Stores.

MAY 2020 Chitting Potatoes
MAY 2020 Seed Audit
JUNE 2020 Seedlings to plant out

Sweetcorn, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Kale, Sprouts, Courgette, Pumpkin and Squashes.

June 2020

New Perennial Flower bed in front (with plants I bought on offer from Thompson and Morgan) and Potatoes ‘earthing up’ nicely. Also nice Dahlia in the background.

JUNE 2020 #solidarity #pride🌈

JULY 2020 Sweet Williams

JULY 2020 Delphinium

JULY 2020
JULY 2020 Cut flowers from plot!
August 2020 Perennials and Bulbs showing off now

This season I started experimenting with growing my own midi instruments and was pleased with this Akai APC Mini.

AUGUST 2020 Neighbours Plum Tree

Les next door asked if I’d like to pick some of his plums. He doesn’t talk about Brexit as much for some reason? we mainly talk about the Green Parakeet’s which fly around the plot.

SEPTEMBER 2020 Gladioli, and pink flower
SEPTEMBER 2020 Sunflower (the best flower)
OCTOBER 2020 Dahlia close up

In hindsight, buying a Keytar was probably my peak lockdown purchase..

I’ll probably get to grips with this at some point, the assignable realtime controls have a lot of scope for use with Ableton live, and I could even control the session view with the pads.

Although in some ways it might have been better to get the one with onboard sounds so I could pick it up and play it more easily, but that model didn’t have as good midi functionality.

And it does look pretty cool with a strategically placed globe light behind it.

Also, remember this guy? No?

Anyway, I found him again.

I also initially played Animal Crossing ‘Pocket Camp’ quite a lot during lockdown. But it was the scaled down iPad and it got a bit dull after a while.


Winter, after a not especially productive, but always fun year.


Got lot’s of tidying up to do, but lot’s of potential for another fun year on “Al’s Allotment”


Sorry for lack of entries, basically in 2017, Theresa May called a general election just as I was starting to prepare things and as local Ward Organiser I had to prioritise electoral canvassing, meaning my plot got into a bit of a sorry state…


Which then took until Winter 2018 to catch up a bit..





So now towards the end of March 2019, I’ve paid my subs for this year, bought some potatoes and had a not so gentle warning I’ll be served notice if I don’t start cultivating this year.

Which I want to, I’ve just struggled to find time. So hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track, starting with preparing the rest of the beds (which arn’t too bad..) and getting some Beans in! 🌱


August 2016

20160815_111619Everything’s getting going now.. Mainly on top of the bit at the top, but had a few days where I couldn’t get down, so a few weeds are starting to take over. Starting to look forwards to October / November and really digging over and preparing the rest of the site properly for next year

20160815_120137Got my first Borlotti Beans! Very pleased with how easy these grew this year

20160815_111630Mixture of Sprouts, Marigolds, Sunflowers and Globe Artichoke. The Artichokes are doing well and already forming globes even though SOMEONE told me it takes 3 years before they form them..

20160815_111647Sprouts doing well, these were planted in manure.

20160815_111535Also picked up a second hand water butt from the plot shop, only £5!

20160815_111600Carrots seem to be doing well, though the ones I’ve actually picked are still very thin..

Perennial Shrubbery doing well. The Buddleja has really grown already and is attracting lots of Butterflies.

20160815_111731Sunflower with Perovskia “Blue Spire”

20160815_112042More Sprouts, Squashes & Sweetcorn

20160817_163740Just discovered a Butternut Squash forming as well!

20160802_174217Got lots of nice Sunflowers this year, though I didn’t really put long enough stakes in for some of them, and when I tried to restake them, the ground was too hard to for the poles!

Chelsea Flower Show Garden with Grayson Perry

The Chelsea Flower Show is currently on, and since taking on my plot, one of my ambitions has been to design a show garden!

Grayson Perry was on tonights show and expressed an interest in doing something as well, so I’ve tweeted him to see if he would be interested in collaborating. As I’ve had my plot for nearly 2 years now I’m pretty much an expert in all things horticultural so I’m ideally qualified.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 23.14.33

Pallet Fence idea

It’s always lots of fun to see how other people use their wooden pallets, and my eye was caught by this idea which someone has put up at the entrance to their plot.

I’m still not sure what to do at the top of of my plot. I like the idea of having a pretty area for cut flowers, but a sensible thing to do might be to flatten the area at the top so I can park my car, thus freeing up more space in the communal car park.

More Rhubarb!

20150324_165435So I was chatting with Les about my Rhubarb and he said he had moved his and it was fine, so I asked if I could borrow a bit to replant and see how it got on.

Had quite a productive day today, I also brought down an old bin which I filled with water, so I don’t have to keep filling cans from the tap which would be a carry on. I now need to install some drainpipe for the run off.20150324_165512I also cleared a space for one of my composters which I found in our neighbours garden (she said I could have it.)

20150324_165428I also moved my bean plant and found some white tiles which are ideal to write on with permanent pen.

20150324_152335I also moved some existing plants to put in containers, including Lavender, Chives and a rogue Rasp or Loganberry (depending what it is)